Hum of the pavement
beneath my toes
I watch for onlookers watching me
Beginning to balance

Leaving is the best part
I run high on freedom
allowing us all our favorite company
I wouldnt do the things i do alone

Familiar faces remind me
to a home I will return to
Echo mountain

Hands on drums
Euk strumming
voices fill the misty air
hours pass and we sing on
Sharing more than we thought we would.


Trade of the Bridge

Focus on the trade for no other reason than the trade
concentration internal and unmotivated
with goals i do not work
fun is my unconcious way of learning
step forward
let weight off back foot gentle
arms move you against your fall
stay on stay on
im not writing a poem
i just love the trade
I smell tacos
But my breath tastes of gin 

Goodbye For Now, My Friend

Sierra headed back to San Diego today. I am so happy to have freinds that come and go and are free. I am happy that I could build the relationship with her that I did before she left, and that I could be there to say goodbye. She is an important person to me, and I feel amazing when ever she is around. I have not felt connected and open to someone in the way I felt with her for a very long time (if ever). I love her and wish her the best on her journeys. I know she will have so many stories to tell me by the next time I see her again. 

Sierra has taught me:

  • Positivity. Ive never heard her say a single negative thing about anyone. I love having people like this in my life.
  • Celebration of moments. She taught me about being stoked just to be. Where ever she is, she is happy to be there. We could be in a small group or a big group, SD or Humboldt, and she would tell me how great of a time she is having and how much she loves all that is around her. 
  • Independence. I feel so independent and empowered and thoughtful around her. We really flow with each other to create that. I like how she is okay being alone and even traveling alone, because it shows how congruent she is with herself.
  • Spontaneity. There are a lot of ideas I have and journeys I want to take, but dont usually have someone who will jump in and do them with me. I loved how easy it was for her to say yes, and how I never had to worry about her having a good time. I loved how I would actually do these things too since I had her company. 

Things we didnt do yet 

  • Go to the bookstore
  • Moonrise herbs
  • Take pole lessons
  • Lightening in a Bottle
  • Travel along the coast
  • Backpack together
  • visit her in NY?? 
  • Travel the world 


Insense burning
Work is a part of being a good person
I think to my reflection
Trying to convince myself to do dishes
But its true
If my goal is to be calm and peaceful
Then I want to create that in the spaces around me.
Therefore, I have a new rule:
I can only think kind words
towards myself
As long as I am in my room

Another thought: 
Identity attachments distract us from our identity
Generations before us , didn’t have the induced anxiety perception through social media that we do.
Looking for that next high
Likes release chemicals in the brain
We are social creatures
Using our biology against us.