Goodbye For Now, My Friend

Sierra headed back to San Diego today. I am so happy to have freinds that come and go and are free. I am happy that I could build the relationship with her that I did before she left, and that I could be there to say goodbye. She is an important person to me, and I feel amazing when ever she is around. I have not felt connected and open to someone in the way I felt with her for a very long time (if ever). I love her and wish her the best on her journeys. I know she will have so many stories to tell me by the next time I see her again. 

Sierra has taught me:

  • Positivity. Ive never heard her say a single negative thing about anyone. I love having people like this in my life.
  • Celebration of moments. She taught me about being stoked just to be. Where ever she is, she is happy to be there. We could be in a small group or a big group, SD or Humboldt, and she would tell me how great of a time she is having and how much she loves all that is around her. 
  • Independence. I feel so independent and empowered and thoughtful around her. We really flow with each other to create that. I like how she is okay being alone and even traveling alone, because it shows how congruent she is with herself.
  • Spontaneity. There are a lot of ideas I have and journeys I want to take, but dont usually have someone who will jump in and do them with me. I loved how easy it was for her to say yes, and how I never had to worry about her having a good time. I loved how I would actually do these things too since I had her company. 

Things we didnt do yet 

  • Go to the bookstore
  • Moonrise herbs
  • Take pole lessons
  • Lightening in a Bottle
  • Travel along the coast
  • Backpack together
  • visit her in NY?? 
  • Travel the world 

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