Residual anguish
Familiar blood on tongue
taste the clench and grind of teeth.

To be in a body
is to be in a cage.
Stuck behind the bars of pupils
and skin
Reeking of memory.

Deeds cannot be undone
These hands have touched poison
and I still let them touch my lips.

Who’s That?

Sweet soul bedside
beside, my side, all sides.
Fluttering eyes.
What would it be to watch you from afar?
I wouldn’t know.
When I look at you,
Our eyes always meet.
Heart strong, heart strung.
Pulping, beating, breathing.
Locked in symmetry
Yet I see every thought,
waves so suddle in your eyes.
Salt stings my tongue.
It’s hard to look at you.
How lucky am I to feel.
I will not be afraid-
to remember you-
to see you-
to know you-