Major Change Request Form

Frantically attempting to 
Hold down the responsibilities 
I have invited in
Two internships now
And a boring degree I’m trying to succeed in
The lost coast boys followed into my dream last night
I wonder if I will ever work with them professionally
They are lucky to have each other

My phone rings rarely from you
My mom calls on her way to work
And the words “whats new?” set me ajar.
I am not in the habbit of real conversation with you
And it reminds me of all that I need to do

Unempowered and frusterated
Tired and bored
I want to be in school no more
Exploring the world with Servas behind me
For World peace
I’d love to be only who I am

Why am I inhibbited
by the norm
The most beautiful of dancers
Stamping her existance with Dr.
To be forgotten in the dark hallways of a hospital.
Like they ask us to be.

Peers, mentors, media
What do you want to do?
A multiple choice question of
paths laid out
predictable and safe
I am not A, B, C, or D
Worries sparked by the mention of the unknown
Do they unknowingly break us?
What is it to choose

Messy Room

The door open 
Piles of clothes spill over
Underneath it all are my climbing shoes
One item overlooked: my spare deoderant
Dim sparkle of christmas lights
Computer by my knee
Indents the soft duvet I bought to be happy
Wrapped around me, it does its duty
Read me, Read me
Black infamous 3-ringed ocean
Urging to be charted
Online homework waiting
Do it
Not yet

I see the map peeping through my open closet door
It feels so good to run pen on paper.

Golden Friends

Our music might comprimise our secracy, but the view of the water from here is illuminated by the thrill. Red gatea prefer to be called golden. Bannana chips, a yellow ring black seeds sweeten the middle. 2.99 six pack, the title doesnt hide the tast. Premium Goldmine is less gold than the red structure growing out of the ocean. A redwood seedling stretches towards the sun in a eclipse of light breaking through the dense canopy. I’ll return to you in the morning. But until then I’ll stay here. Golden days with your red cousin, Giant of th Bay. 

Subliminal Advertisement Through Your Guilty Pleasures

Bright screens push images
Into our minds
We absorb willingly at first
European Beach Grass
King of invators
Sucking the drops from the sand
Like a 49er
Starving the natives
The clock watches
You can’t want what you don’t know is missing
It makes me sick
The stagnant generation
so talented in selective amnesia
The lost art of words
held in the hands of a curious few
 Refusing to be numb
Refusing to be blind
Refusing to be a sheep
The tipping point is near.
I’m tired of the screens
being plugged in to the images
while out generation waits 
for the writers and movers
I no longer want to be numb

An Ode To The Home

Hard hats sprinkle the patio
Movement of the walls
Give way to a polished gem

The bones are never glamorous
I’ve realized this journey
Unless you love them as they are

Plaster deteriorating staircase
Below what is granted access
The guests only see what
we want them to see

The bones of the house
foreshadowed its greatness
But lackes the gloss

Hard hats won’t sprinkle
The patio every day
Soon theyll only see what
they want to see

But I prefer the bones