Coite Tower

My eyes opened as they closed. The sounds and lights never end in San Fransisco. The faint voices and hum of traffic carries even to the 12th floor. Bagels and cream cheese, empowering amd rooting conversations ring in my mind from the morning as I take on this city. One step at a time, it all feels conquerable. The leaves peek out from the wooden starcase. They shrink in the horizon. Up, up, up, tropical awasis of flowers and tiny wooden paths. We all fight for the skyline, each house higher than the last. My grandparents are reminded of their age, as they pretend not to be tired. I love them more for it. Shadows and sunshine, taking turns on our faces. We can almost see the city now. We can almost see it all. The best view wasnt at the top of the tower, it wasnt the view you waited in line for and paod $5 to see. A silloutte over a city, silver car waiting for us to finish, the search has just begun. 

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