Foggy windows in the soup kitchen

creeping up the edges of the glass

Slick black pavement outside

All the people crowd around the warmth

Indian tastes alert my toungue 

As the warmth flows through me

My headphones rest on the table

I watch silently instead 

Babies have an alliance as do their parents

Talking about growing and personalities

A waiter jumps to wipe down another table

Proud of you, pride of you 

The black outline of redwoods

Under the fog and mist that paints the sky

The warm soup kitchen waits with open arms

Swarming voices 

Add to the fog on the windows

The House Across the Way

The House Across The Way

I’m here
Why is q st never marked
The red barn
The house…
I looked through the windows
How eerie for it to be
A home of friends
An empty window
I look for shadows
Then furniture
I know its over because the bikes are gone
We have plum trees that are in season
A decorated bedroom
Home away from home turned forever
The beginning of it
The end too
Blue steps to a red door
Freshman year my first party with my first crush
I was so proud to be a friend
We knew each other

Backpacking the Trinity Alps

Today i am writing this from the top of the most beautiful waterfall I have ever trekked to.

White noise and white clouds

Clear shimmering surface
Disappearing more quickly than you came
My heart beats as i convince myself that i have done this before
Eyes straight out into the exposure
I lose sight
So many days go by where I haven’t lived this much by 4:00.
My hair is cold from the dip today

Snowmelt doesnt stop the allure of waterfalls
White green brown plants have taken residance on me
I am one brave butt
What is it without instagram
My pee stains the granite
I am a waterfall!
This is better than any orgasm
indication that I’m letting go
Disconnect and unplug
Who will I tell but myself
Sometimes school is hard,
But at least I have places to play
What is there to be afraid of
Things that are easy feel good
But things that are hard make you better
I am a wee little person
On a big rock
With water streaming down it
Wow! I just embraced my fears and did a headstand on the edge of this waterfall! Instead convincing yourself that your not afraid- be congruent and embrace the fear, and move on. Talk about exposure!
No photos today!