Backpacking the Trinity Alps

Today i am writing this from the top of the most beautiful waterfall I have ever trekked to.

White noise and white clouds

Clear shimmering surface
Disappearing more quickly than you came
My heart beats as i convince myself that i have done this before
Eyes straight out into the exposure
I lose sight
So many days go by where I haven’t lived this much by 4:00.
My hair is cold from the dip today

Snowmelt doesnt stop the allure of waterfalls
White green brown plants have taken residance on me
I am one brave butt
What is it without instagram
My pee stains the granite
I am a waterfall!
This is better than any orgasm
indication that I’m letting go
Disconnect and unplug
Who will I tell but myself
Sometimes school is hard,
But at least I have places to play
What is there to be afraid of
Things that are easy feel good
But things that are hard make you better
I am a wee little person
On a big rock
With water streaming down it
Wow! I just embraced my fears and did a headstand on the edge of this waterfall! Instead convincing yourself that your not afraid- be congruent and embrace the fear, and move on. Talk about exposure!
No photos today!

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