Freckled Hands

Closing my eyes I held my desire
In a clenched fist
Please please kiss me
I feel my lips murmer
Too far away to hear
Yet he still moves closer

Arms intertwined dancing
My hands burn
Until his lips are on mine
Confusingly consumingly good.

Clouds of moisture float
Casting shadows on a hot room
Rippling blurs of touch
Let’s play with gravity.

Hot walls
Metal Railing
2 bodies awake,
3 asleep.
We roar in our silence.

We play until the morning rolls around.
Peircing green eyes remind me you are real.
Golden body.
Curled rough fingers

I remember your hand so well
Resting on my knee underwater
Your freckles so stark against me.
The depart is just a little bitter.

Night Swim in Spain

Marriott fortress
Silence and luxury
Along the Mediterranean Sea
Did you see the child’s shoe washed ashore?
I hold heaviness for those who’ve swam.

I wade into the water
Chills and hesitation
Remind me of the desperation

Black waves
Crashes of white
To be a creature of creation
Reflections of light mimic a source

What would it be like out there
Alone in the sea
An impossible feeling to imagine
I would cope
I would fight

But where is my fight now?
Fears of the parents here are different
Than those that have swam across this sea
Sitting in a resort thumbing through a smartphone
wondering, will my son ever pull his own weight?
But just as a metaphor.
You’ll never have to carry him across the ocean.

Heart thumping
I enter the waves in a bow.
Salute to the bravery.
I carry my privilege with your honor.
I will fight for a world that is better.