Night Swim in Spain

Marriott fortress
Silence and luxury
Along the Mediterranean Sea
Did you see the child’s shoe washed ashore?
I hold heaviness for those who’ve swam.

I wade into the water
Chills and hesitation
Remind me of the desperation

Black waves
Crashes of white
To be a creature of creation
Reflections of light mimic a source

What would it be like out there
Alone in the sea
An impossible feeling to imagine
I would cope
I would fight

But where is my fight now?
Fears of the parents here are different
Than those that have swam across this sea
Sitting in a resort thumbing through a smartphone
wondering, will my son ever pull his own weight?
But just as a metaphor.
You’ll never have to carry him across the ocean.

Heart thumping
I enter the waves in a bow.
Salute to the bravery.
I carry my privilege with your honor.
I will fight for a world that is better.

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