I always loved writing poems inspired by the ocean.
Swaying in a body of motion
Only my feet remind me how much I’m moving
Light and suspended
I am air.
Curls of white peak the roof of each wave.
Coming towards me
I close my eyes and am engulfed.
Swaying with the force of this body.
Body of water.
Body of flesh.
Body or not.

Imagine being deep in the sea,
Where nothing is touched by the stiffness of land.
Hawaii breaks massive waves
Ocean roaring with interuption
Surfers like ants
They flail.

I dive.
Breath held
Sounds amplified.
I allow myself to hear any messages.
Ocean, I pray to you.
Hear me speak.

I float with my belly up and my eyes submerged.
Hands outstretched
I like being weightless.
I wonder how long this might last.

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