Flesh colored tones through closed eyes
Blink to sunshine
The gravel pushes off my toes
propelling my another step
The calm before a storm
I am as prepared as I can be
I haven’t been sleeping lately
A blue pill on my lips
Hid the drowsiness
My favorite assistant.
Wednesday is almost here
A shower, a nap, a book, a blog, and more await my time
Window down, chin to elbow
I can smell the salt in the air
Energized only by the ocean
The storm arrives as I do.
I write my name in the corner
and begin. 

Finals Week

Drowning drowning I cant breathe
I swallow a breath of air and come up above water
Frantically trying to display a calm smile
As I kick
My stomach hurts and I am aware
The tasks are piling up and I keep swallowing water
Drowning and only time will take me.

My nails scratch across my face again
Peeling skin off my forehead and cheeks
The scars remain
Visions are not worth having without the time
I can only have so much energy

Lying on the sidewalk wagging her tail,
I can only watch from the window