Free Thought 

Coffee calms my attention
Feeling capable today
Open chair and and open mind

I like myself
A superb feeling
Where is Eskender

Im doing this so I can see a friend
Motivation at its finest
Every person walking behind me
Makes my head turn

I love so many things
This morning was one of them
Pumkin Pie coffee
picnic table in the sunshine
sweet sweet sweet boys
made my morning

Lets climb a tree for real today?
I like you

Determining the control and the treatment
I am okay
I feel myself behind my voice

Overwelmed by the near future
Distrust in myself to meet the end
I just want to climb a tree
And see Gilley

Misery wants company
Empowered by the context of conversation
Understanding why people prefer complaining
Sometimes saying “I cant” helps you overcome it

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