With a Beat

You say it like its just a fact, I’m tired of the men only track. philosophize when we are drunk? listen easy little punk. Tell me whos your favorite, and be happy to debate it. What is this fucked up perception men only capable of retention. A stick in the mud, with nothing to say, I celebrate with an internal horray. Fuck what you think, women belonging to a towel and sink. Ignorant comments make my eyes red, disbelief at the shit in your head. Privelage is such a commodity, but struggle gives you a comradery. Thankful for this ignorant beast. Thankful for a chance to talk on this beat. A white privaged child, you remind me at least. Chasing images of equality, filtered out the accepted fraudery. Stop telling me what I am supposed to be, fuck the media and fuck TV. We don’t realize until its too late, already eaten off their scummy plate. I wish I could just shake these fucken people, like goddam it arent you tired of being weak and feeble. Ive seen it too many times. i cant talk to you sheep, I cant hear these ignorant lines, so fucken cheap. Explain to me one more time your fucken beleif. Tell me women dont think. Tell me men philosophize when they drink. I wont stand by ignorance and just blink. You better have something more to say, okay? Because I’ll fuckin give it to you all again. I refuse to internalize. to be part of a silent gen. Fuck your standards, no 50% can self proclaim commanders. I accept your ignorance as just that, because it reminds be not to go back. Theres wars being fought and ignorance is the least of the attacks. A voiceless generation consumed in media, experts in fuckin selective amnesia.  I wont forget the work being done, my voice has become my own favorite gun.