Existing is weird. What if my fingers typed something different? I don’t know if the people around me actually speak English or if these sounds that I’m making are actually a language. I can’t possibly make a difference with the tone of my voice or the words I write.

If nothing matters, which it doesn’t, then is any of it even there? I mean, I could say something that was such a big deal like, “Everyone! Right now! Needs to stand up!! Common! Let’s do it!!” and maybe some people would listen. Then everyone would ask me why I did that, and I’d say, “I don’t know.” and people might think I’m crazy or something, but would it ever impact anything? I could possibly impact the way people act for a second or the way people see me, but that’s just one little drop in the whirlpool of motion.

So why does anything I do matter. Why should I behave, and that’s the great thing, I don’t. But also, why should I go to class every day and work? Why should I pursue a boring life of working and pursuing things that don’t matter at all?

Also anxiety and caring what people think is halarious. I can’t beleive the human mind can be so delusional to think any of it matters, and that it feels like it MATTERS SO MUCH! If we have the power to expel all heaviness and weight on minuscule things that don’t matter, we can open ourselves up to things that do.

I would argue that consciousness matters.

Also, that our experiences matter, and our growth as individual humans.

I would argue that fear is a relatively unnecessary and mostly limiting response in the modern world we live in today.

Eh I need to get back to homework now. I promise I’ll overcome my fear and write about India soon.



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