I’m having trouble finding peace of mind in a world of high demands and not enough self exploration. I wake up before 7 AM and for the remainder of the day am doing tasks that require my attention, interest, but not necessarily my choice. I worry about my skills as a decision maker suffering from my constant structure.

Ha. Well, that’s okay. I just need to define my needs. I need to define the parameters of what’s manageable and what’s not.

  • Time for calmness
    • In the mornings, if I have time to dilly dally a bit I am much saner. Time to wake up, relaxing, shower, make food, clean up, and even meditate make my entire day feel more energized.
    • Finish what I need to do first so that I can relax without them being on the back of my mind
  • Create things that I can measure
    • Write a story: document your travels in India
    • This act of putting work into myself helps me justify my worth and being.
    • Artwork and creativity helps me express myself and feel calm.
    • Don’t be so tired that you forget about things you love.
  • Find something to love in what you are doing
    • Work from your heart
    • Choose to be selfless and hard working, and accept that it’s not always going to be fun or easy, but that these are things you have chosen and make them with your own signature.
    • Another term for that: take ownership of what you do.
  • Physiological Health
    • Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Talk to friends.

Remember who you are. We are all infinitely knowledgable beings with a purpose and a higher consciousness. Remember that nothing should have the power to matter so much that you feel less.

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