You’re not the center of the story. Its the character they relate too.

“You are already playing because…” “I am not already playing because I dont beleive I am” Maybe you should redifine where you get your morals from. Rules or yourself?

Science is question driven- and you have to be literate! 

Dont submit flukey work. They dont like the guys that make mistakes observing on the fishing boats

yes you got it!

Nobody wants to know about you. Listen listen listen. Be kind, have a heart. dont forget. 

Preformers get an audience, observers get a friend.

I wasnt afraid. I did it to make it better for you, and to be truthful, it was better for me.

I like my own company. I’m okay being in my own head. I’m okay being alone.

I dont care about how I look, I care about what I can do.

Being organized makes me feel like I have control over my life. Do it when its assigned not when its due. 

She forgot about struggling in chemistry so quickly. Maybe thats how shes such an amazing physics major. If it gives me trouble, that is okay. Just keep trying to understand not get the grade. 

Write as if the stories still played in your mind. Its the ability to manipulate language- anyone can have the idea. Just let yourself play… and actually write.

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