dont be afraid to play with darkness. What is a sick representation of manipulative and dark human nature? How can you play with that in a way where your imagination is working.

Lets create a good character too- someone whos bad a being good, but tries so hard. Some unlikely hero that fails way too much 

also think about- what do these definitions of good and evil- how you place these characters in your story refect your own moral standing and perception of right and wrong- or is it totally objective?

Dark Character: fantasizes about evil things. Ways she has the ability to scare those around her. She can read people, and is so tempted to make their fears reality. Shes a trickster and a control freak. Clever, sly, and motivated. 

Her parents were together since they were children, highschool. Really? Who would want to settle down that early?

The narration will follow her perspective when describing and thinking about her or her interactions while it will follow the good when talking about her interactions. There are 2 narration tones and the narrator is not all knowing.

She has to interact with the good girl somehow and I dont want it to be at a school because that is too cliche. I want it to be at slack night or the climbing gym or in a wetsuit in the ocean. I dont want it to be cliche or clear they identify each other right away. But the two will evetually become the protagonist and antagonist. 

I’m thinking of their hometowns and current settings… I want full character bios before the story. 

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