School on The Horizon

Today was beautiful. I liked that although it was the last day before school starts, I didn’t worry or stress- just had fun enjoying the beautiful place I live.

I have such a great feeling about this semester. I’m stoked to have learned as much as I did last semester, but more importantly I’m ready for this new start. I’m determined to tackle every problem that comes my way with new energy this semester.

My goals are to: utilize my time more wisely, find my own thoughts/voice, not give in to my id, focus better, take care of my body by being active, save money, be more aware of money, and to devote extra time to everything I’m doing instead of just the bear minimum.

I love being in my house, waking up to a clean room and sunshine. I like that peaceful state of mind when I just feel so exuberent and happy to be alive in the morning. 

And the best part is, there’s fresh made delicious soup waiting in my fridge. 


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