Car Ride With All 7

dont loose cell service
all the robots wont be able to figure it out
you cant open your gas cap without them
the whole galaxy is spinning
what if the whole galaxy rotated around Earth?
they used to think that, churches rejected Capernicus’ heliocentric system
but he’s like you’re not the center of the universe
losing cell service is a national emergency
i feel like we are already cyborgs
we rely so heavily on our phones
they’re always with us
what if cell phones were just implanted in your palm and projected your thoughts
creating the super cyborg race
except the slippery slope of intelligence that surpasses our own
I imagine a bycicle that dispenses salt wherever it rides
I dont want to ski sigh
just think you could be this tired at school
i AM missing school to ski
I’ll have some ketchup to do
dad you made your cell phone fall!
National emergency
why are horse shoes lucky?
lucky charms serial duh
Lu, Which do you think came first, lucky charms or the cereal?
Well four leaf clovers were not lucky UNTIL the cereal came out

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