Charging me as your last.
Your last and maybe you’re only.
Maybe you are only a child.
Maybe I never loved at all.
Solace fines as solace needs.
Pay me and broken promises and glass dollar bills.
Or chess pieces – I like the latter.
If I ignore you time and time maybe it’s time maybe it’s time maybe it’s time to listen to the silence!
One day I will be stronger.
One day I will do better things with my time.
Better and stronger better and stronger
one day I am going to be better and stronger!
Challenge me with my sadness.
It makes it more attainable.
I wouldn’t find you in the darkness.
I wouldn’t want to anyways.
You are not light.
But you are something human, and you are something beautiful. Enter my past and stay out of my present.
You are something beautiful that is not welcome anymore.
So please find another heart to occupy.
Understand my silence to say, “fuck you. ”
And take it with a grain of salt, because we all know how much I loved you.
But when you sent three messages and I neglect to reply don’t take it as an accident.

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