I guess I should say something about the recent election. Does it make you as sick as it makes me? I can accept that people like trump exist, but I cannot believe that they exist everywhere. I am heartbroken not at him, but at the own friends in my own corridors. I live with a friend who brightens my day even if he doesn’t understand privilege or social justice. But it changes everything – I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he voted for him. It’s so disgusting and dark. I am so scared. I am scared for the people of this country that are already in the shadows. We are a great country, but we are founded on deep pillars of injustice. I cannot pretend to ignore the suffering that is coming. I am so afraid. I am afraid for Muslims, who have already been the brunt of too much racism. I think of people like Moises, whose families are now in jeopardy. He is the worst possible reality I could imagine.how did we get this place of such darkness? How did so many people become so dark? Will there be a day when I am ready to fight?

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