Light and Dark

Tear streaks line the bags under my eyes
Last night I stared at the ceiling
Hoping that I could fall asleep
How could we have chosen him?
Crashing breaking screeching
The Canadian immigration website is down
My stomach feels like it’s digesting broken glass
Red everywhere.
We have lost something great.

My head is heavy in my hands.
We will be the future.
I am meant to fight.
This body, this mind, this path.
Light only shines when surrounded by darkness,
A friend once told me.

Sunny beaches and crisp air was met with the dark reality of an election.
A phone call from someone who I thought would be a life long mentor.
A mentor that is dark and full of illusions.
I will not bow down to you any longer.
I can feel her darkness sinking in.
Poisonous lips on the other line.
I can hang up if I want to.
I know how to protect myself now.
You are darkness and I will not let you in.

I surround us in a ball of protective light.
Concentrating on the message,
Only love can enter.
I need this protection too.
I must say goodbye to my friend today.
What will I do without you?
I do not like expressing sadness,
But I have loved you too long.
A chain of rocks surround her belly.
Protecting her light.
A light that all can see,
and she is willing to share.
Even if people don’t deserve to be let in.
Let me protect you!
I will be light too!
Shouting again from the windowsill.

Small and defeated,
How can I sleep?
Trump is our president.
Someone who founded their campaign on the claim that
People from Mexico are rapists and murderers?
Why America, why?
A dark sea of red fills our government
Led by fear and hate.
You are all darkness!
Why is there so much darkness?

The ceiling offers no condolence.
Tomorrow I have so much due,
and I have to choose.
Where is it the most important that I am?
With her.
My last day to seek refuge in her presence.
My last day with her light.
I whisper spells of protection.
Energy is all I know of God.

Apathy is not the answer.
Silence is not the answer.
Everything in the fabric of my life
Has been preparing me to fight.
We are the future.
We are strong.
We are focused.

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