I tried to spend as much time with her as I could before she had to go.

In the early morning the sun rises.
The hours of dawn are reserved for the thoughtful.
She rises beside me
How beautiful it is that she chooses to light up this world each day.
How lucky am I to be awake,
sitting in the east side window
so that I am a part of her light.
The warmth makes feel alive but
the day is passing and I am scared of the cold.
I run to the window grasping at the sunlight that is just illuminated dust.
She whispers to me that she is also
afraid of the darkness.
I stand on the windowsill and shout,
“I am here. I will be light too.”
I wonder if that is true.

The dawn brings forward the heat of the sun.
What would we do without her?
She beams on the ocean, the farmlands, the rivers, and even the tallest mountains.
The night is coming I know because now she is farther and farther away.
Panic fills my heart and I shout
“Don’t leave me! I can not bear to live without you! Please please come back!”
But she cannot hear me anymore.
I run out of my door and run and run and don’t stop until I reach the coast.
I must go farther I urge myself stepping into the icy water,
shouting anxiously at the sky,
“No! Come back! I am not light! I cannot bare the darkness!”
only for her to return to play in the morning.

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