9.22 Goals


I have been in a happy place the past few days. This is surprising considering the large Organic Chemistry exam I have coming up tomorrow.

School is stressful. It overtakes you, it makes it hard to be at peace because I should always be doing something. I should always be working harder. I should…

This mind set actually translates negatively in the work place I think. In the real world you don’t have to be haunted by your work at all waking and sleeping hours. You are allowed to take off your shoes and have a breath. You work hard and then you let go and keep moving.

This is where I want to be. I want to approach my school work with a calmer mind. This is something I am going to do and it’s okay. I can be happy while I do it, and I can permit myself to let it go when I want to.

I went through some heavy emotional stuff the past month or two, but finally am feeling much more balanced and at peace. I am still not alone or independent enough, but I am happy. I have a partner who is really good for me in so many ways. I am motivated and focused. I will set goals every day and evaluate how I reached them.

Yesterday my goal was to have a longer attention span, to be engaged and excited about what I was doing (mentally present in studies), and finally to dedicate a certain amount of time to school.

I reached those goals, but I was still disctracted, still didn’t dedicate all the time I wanted to, but I did get all of the things I NEEDED to get done, done. However, the studying is lacking.

My goals for today are to a) concentrate for an hour at a time. Time yourself. If you lose concentration, write that down. b) have my phone off ALL day c) work smart. Designate what you need to know, and know it. Understand the bigger picture and work inward. c) REACTIONS REACTIONS REACTIONS

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