Proud To Be… 

When I was at home before going to college, I used to pride myself on my independence. I found some sort of excitement from preparing for the next step in my life. “I’m going to be so good at college” I thought. I envisioned myself more than just the basics of in class, but cooking for myself, managin money well, choosing constructive outlets, and being overwelmingly self-sufficient.

Pride. Its interesting how a piece of identity such as pride can be such a strong motivater and force within itself. The phraise “I am proud to be independent” is so empowering in itself.

My second year in college I was much more adjusted to living on my own, and I didnt think about being independent from my parents because it just was. But I want to cherish that feeling of being so proud. I think it creates a positive self image to have traites that you are conciously proud of.

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