Meet Me in Utah

I started every letter to you with a love pronoun
but hit delete when it was ready to send
Will I hold tenderness for you-
Or close the door?
Reinforced with brick walls

The west calls you-
Yet I am coming East.
Maybe our roads will meet.

My heart clenches a romantic hope
But with the same breath I must release.
If he is to love me, let it be because he knows me-
Let him see both the light and the dark.

Wonder fills my thoughts.
A blind date at the end of a series of letters.
A drive with a blind hope.
Bliss or not, I’ll know soon.
Will your voice sound like music to me?

My heart can sometimes be heavy handed-
Destroying as it touches.
Clutching on to what it likes,
I hope I can be lighter with you.

Let it be more than a moment.
I hope to see you as you are.

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