Home, I Guess.

They tie my in bubble wrap
Except an opening for my pockets
I try to speak but only squeaks come out
Silently abiding
Tied to a home
“I am elder to you” she says
I’m not accustomed to obeying.
Don’t worry.
They say when I have a thought.
Just come, just come.
Premium costs for the foreigner friend.
You owe me this much,
And I obey,
Silent and dumb.
Wrapping me in bubble wrap.
You must be careful,
They council.
It’s dangerous out there
Never allowing me to be alone.
A foreigner girl…
Half mute half dumb-
What would she do without us?
That’ll be 2000 rupees please
And we got you a 1000 discount
So you owe us that too.
The mosquitos suck my blood at night
I can hear their hissing.
I don’t mind.
I have enough to share.

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