Mantras for the Soul

I love my mind
I have such a beautiful mind
Mantras to recite
Encouraging less resistance
To peace
To understanding
Maybe those two words are synnonymous
Ha is this a poem?
Why do I always have to trick myself into writing poems
My hair feels so free!
I am here
I am alive
I am in my mind
How many things I need to think about
How could I do anything else
Thinking is the first part of surviving
I am not making sense
But I’m over making sense!
The words know me better than I know the words.
Speak and understand later.
I allow love.
I allow growth.
I allow peace.
I allow myself to step on my landmines.
I allow myself to work on my barriers
I allow myself to grow!!
Mantras for the mind,
Mantras for the soul.
What is the purpose of life?
My life?
All our lives?
What is valuable to care about?
And why care at all?
Normally, I never have time for questions like this.

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