Drunk on Electric Fingertips

The sensation of your invitation
Fills my entire body with excitement
I feel my feet sinking
So easy just to say
And now
you’re at home in my mind.
platonic group cuddles where our toes touch
where fingertips say, hello.
suddenly I’m exploring your hand
my pointer finger gently traces the outside of yours as you squeeze a little
No one knows that I’m not watching the movie at all.
because now your fingertips are sweeping down my spine gently.
If you could see the pleasure spilling across my face…
Holy crap what is going on?
I didn’t even know I liked you now I feel like I love you and
this is dangerous.
Lust is a dangerous game.
Zapping through my palms and heating my entire body.
I do not want to go anywhere but closer.
Am I drunk on touch?
I force myself free.
With the start of a car,
I regretfully follow what’s left of my mind.
Raleigh, I say to myself.
You are in for trouble-
seduced by just that?
If they knew how much pleasure it gave me,
we’d all laugh.

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