My Biggest Weakness

My biggest weakness is my weak will. I’m crippled by tasks with heavy heels and disorganization. This isnt something most of my friends would know about me- but it’s true. I’m the college student with the messy room and un kept house. I turned in a lab notebook today that wasnt even complete. I have no excuses. I turn to my phone. I’ll see every facebook post in a day but not write more than a page. It’s a problem. Seriously- I feel so weak willed. Face down on a table. Knees buckling under the weight of what? The privledge of never needing to work hard in your life? Being so fucking lazy and giving up? I see the same thing in myself when I scoot back after a half assed try on a highline. You sure as hell know a half-assed attempt when you see one. I need to find the part of myself that is different. I have the same equal and opposite dedermination to succeed as my stubbornness to fail. I just need to find the will to decide. Not only to try, but to know that no one is just goinng to hand you your goals. You have to decide and fight for them. Get fucking organized. Clean your room. Light a candle. Be someone who can accomplish what they set their mind to.

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