Streams of Today

My eyes feel heavy as I attend another day.
The decision to not work this semester fresh on my tongue.
A yawn from the body sitting next to me,
The lecture goes on and even leaks into the hallway.
I twiddle my thumbs as the day dwindles away.
Pregnant with possibility,
But without a due date.

Wiggly steps shoot reverbrations through the line.
My arms jerk up and down.
Hoping to catch wiggles before my hips do.
Leaning forward, my knee sinks
Toes taking my weight one at a time
Until my back foot is light enough to sneak forward.
1234, 1234, 1234
A tune provokes silence.

Suspicion glazed beneath my cheerful tone.
I wonder what she really thinks of me.
Poisen stains her lips red
Reflection much more demanding than blame
She speaks of the incompetent students
My memories are plastic.
Highest esteem replaced with doubt.
I wasn’t free when I was following you.
An absence
Becomes a gift.

Write. Write. Write.
Words color my mind.
An art I’ve chosen
Sweet and alive.
Hm. Hm. Hm.
Spent my whole life
Refining my ability to define,
But just in one language.
Would the moments remain if I couldn’t speak of them?
Erase. Erase. Erase.
Oh human, silly creature, you.

Sleep protrudes my eyelids
Boredom gnawing at my stomach
I sink into my chair.
My eyelids are closing again.
Maybe I won’t make it
Without coffee.

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