The goats and sheep ran to us as we approached with fists full of grass.  We stayed in the feild until the clouds faded from pink to gray as the sun cleared its way over the horizon. Sweet life of these creatures, we shared for a moment as we rolled in the grass with them. goats are sweet social creatures. The bull in the last photo with the hump on his back is the king of the feild, and we must keep our distance.

We we sitting in the grass surrounded by goats when Mariah jumped up. 

“Raleigh you might want to get up!” she urged. I had just started to stand when he charged us trowing his head back and forth. 

“Woah okay okay we are leaving!” The goats followed us to the gate. We were almost to the car when Mariah noticed me franticallly patting my pockets. 

“Did you lose your keys?” she asked. 

I was in disbeleif, but nodded, “they must have been in the same pocket as my phone.”

“okay” she said swiftly,” lets find them.” 

I immediately thought about how poor our chances were, but responded enthusiastically. 

We searched for an hour until we had combed the feild entirely. I crawled on my hands and knees in the now darkness feeling for them, and only finding brown turds between my fingers.

We called Emma, and she came to the rescue. Laughing the whole way to us, she couldnt beleive it.  


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