We cannot know to look for things we have not experienced

Glass beach near Fort Bragg used to be legendary, but as it became more and more popular, people would come, take bags of glass, and leave. Now if you go- there might be a few patches of glass left, but that wont last long and the beach is far from covered. 

The waves crashing onto a relatively undiscovered beach reminded me why  humans are such destroyers. My friend filled her pockets and backpack with the beauty that layed beneath my toes. “It will soon all be gone” I said aloud, trying to challenge her to realize what it meant to take away the gems of this beach. Beach combers had a new meaning for me today, as a woman sat combing a circle around her, with her eyes inches away, closely examining the sand. People find it, and exploit it, and them its just another glass beach story. 

We talked about the business and certification of “organic” food and being self sustainable and able to cook. We talked about women empowerment and expectations. We shared stories about adventures and characters we knew. I observed and learned. 

Mariah is a character I havent stereotyped before in my mind. At first she seemed very closed minded. She lectures people on how they shouldnt die their hair, or eat certain food, etc. I challenged her indirectly with a question about right and wrong, I said “I dont think theres any such thing as right ans wrong- I think theres only simple and less simple.” if your thought process is intelligent and rational, then it is complex, your own, and valid. I said this to introduce the concept of cultural relativism and how we cannot assert ourselves as having the right definition of morals because other cultures think they have the right definition too. But later she talked about her determination and motivation to do things, and her moral stubborness was a huge force in her life. She makes her own bread from scratch, as well as shampoo and conditioner, and just about everything else she can on her own. I admire that. 

She also introduced a really interesting  concept of time to me. We only know certain feelings because thats all we have experienced. So we cannot know to look for things we have not experienced. Thats why often people think they need an old relationship because thats all they know. This was very wise and open minded of her. I am baffled by this character and want to include her in a story.

Sierra is down for adventures, and I think we are going to be good friends.  


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