Passion drives 

Seeing the Bolman Forum tonight was riveting. 

She calls upon their eyes and says with warm suggestiveness to be “a little” quiet this is for the news

The feeling in the room was so powerful. Everyone was completely silent under the suggestion. Such organization, such respect. 

To be a leader is not to be implanted as one. But it is to be the one most invested. He comes with a box of chocolates and every one cheers.

He is who he is meant to be. Whatever that means. But hes serving some purpose. Does that purpose speak to me? Not yet- but they do.

They intrigue me.They’re organization, intelligence, and energy feels almost addictive it is so great.

This makes me reflect on my motivations for being interested in HOP. 

How can I be the most invested in it than anyone? How can I give my heart and soul to this program like they are burning for theirs. 

Sleeping 5 nights in a building, that must be incredible bonding, none of it is a job either, they just come and say “I want to be involved” and its more structured than anything.

Personal Recruiter: Pete

We need that. Exciting projects. Hands on leaders. it doesnt matter if you’re nice or mean or whatever- What do you DO makes you a great leader, what you give builds trust and a team.

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