Week 1 of Cash Only

I decided I’m not including gas in this budget because it falls into my monthly expenses with rent and utilities.

day 1- Friday: $10 on 2 burritos (one for sheamus) day I was driving to Tuolomne to see him, and I had to bring some LA mexican food

Day 2 – Saturday, my day in Tuollomne! I hung out with sheamus, his family, and his town. Treated to everything by his mom. 

Day 3- Sunday. We are roadtripping today. We stop to visit sheamus’ family . I buy a burrito and jarritos for $3. We pick up Rose in Woodland and drive by Clear Lake and the 101.  Its sunset half the drive and breathtaking. I have a migraine from the trip so Sheamus’ aunt give me an edible… I’m high as a kite the whole way home.

Day 4- Sunday. Buy lunch for $5.13 (the exact amount of change I had!) on my work lunch with my coworker Emma. I had an overall productive day.  Sheamus calls me at four and is looking forward to seeing me, I get off at 5 and drive to his house. We go shopping for curry and end up seeing progresso soups on sale for $0.99! We spend $25.50 on soups, and curry supplies (mostly soups) 

Day 5- I have $4.50 left. Goodmorning. Today is Sheamus’ birthday!!!! 

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