View of Clouds


Mountain curves
Thick fluffy swirls of white
Cuddling as lovers do
Fingers tracing the rising elevation
Until just a wisp remains
Green giants peaking through
Swimming in the clouds
Can the pilot see?
Peak atmosphere, 25,000 ft.
It’s fun to watch people turn to ants.
It’s sunnier up here too.

If I stepped outside this plane I would fall.
A sport one day I might explore.
Propelling flesh
In the direction of gravity.



Hours pass and my life, ambitions, duties slip by.
Absorbed as they wish us to be
I am running in a wheel.
Circles of information pouring into me
I have not chosen yet
Deflected, I open the door for you,

Focus and simplicity.
Do not share your life.
Choose what you put your energy towards.
Find comfort with the slowness.

Sunset in Venice


Pianist strumming the prink faces
Gazing at her silhouette as they pass
Palm trees and people
Anxious minds
Voices mute

Black slacks and purple baseball T
Hands swift
Confident yet gentle
Is this art?
A common question for a materialistic mind.

Tell me something about myself.
Tell me something I already know.

(going through old journals and documenting poetry!)